We really need to make sure that this is something that’s equitable and fair to everybody, and is not just going to continue to affect the status quo of those who can pay for it.

STAR AUGUST, Co-founder and CEO of Holistic Birth Collective


Program Details

Any pregnant person living in Illinois who is eligible for Medicaid and is interested in having the option to give birth in an out-of-hospital setting.

WHO would have especially benefited?

Participants who:

Are concerned about encountering implicit bias from care providers
Value trauma-informed care
Experience barriers to consistently attending facility-based prenatal care visits:
Inflexible work hours
Child care demands
Transportation issues
Have had prior unsatisfactory experience giving birth in a hospital
Value shared decision-making with their perinatal care providers
Wish to avoid unnecessary medical interventions
Value experiencing labor and delivery in an out-of-hospital setting whenever medically appropriate.

This hybrid model of perinatal care would have
combined two high-value services:

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The One-Pager

This easy to read document can help you or others understand how our program through SB 1041 will significantly improve black maternal health outcomes.

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