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Near the end of the film Raven’s birth progresses into a medical emergency with the complication of shoulder dystocia, a condition that happens when one or both of the baby’s shoulders get stuck during vaginal delivery. Once this becomes clear, Star’s training enables her to affectively assist baby safely from thCe birth canal and into mother’s arms.

We hold the deepest gratitude to Raven for her willingness to share her intimacy with the world and Mia Harvey with her team for this beautiful documentary.

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Mia is a British emerging documentary filmmaker of British and Barbadian heritage. She is currently studying Directing Documentary MA at the National Film and Television School where she was awarded a BBC Scholarship which is funded and supported by BBC Studios. She has worked in the TV Industry for over five years as an assistant producer, working on BAFTA nominated productions such as Black Power: A British Story of Resistance (BBC ONE) which was executive produced by Steve McQueen and James Rogan.

Her other credits include The Truth About Police Stop and Search (Channel 4) and the longitudinal observational documentary series This is Our Family (SKY). She is currently working on a single for Channel 4 and she was selected for Sheffield Doc Fest UK Broadcast Production Talent Market 2021.

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